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Elderly Grandmother First to Successfully Challenge Insurance Giant MetLife

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded $15.6 million to a grandmother who lost her life savings in a bogus investment fund that was offered by a MetLife insurance agent. After an eight-week trial, ... Read more

MetLife Owes for Agents’ Role in Ponzi Scam, Jury Told

Donahoo & Associates, PC began a trial this week against MetLife, Inc. The case involves a defunct real estate fund, Diversified Lending Group, run by Bruce Friedman, that offered a high guarantee ... Read more

Success Is Easy–All It Takes Is Hard(er) Work

Post submitted by Thomas LaGreca of Callagy Law. Original Post Here:  Cael Sanderson is currently the head wrestling coach at Pen ... Read more

Do the Cayman Islands have a usury law?

Usury laws specifically target the practice of charging excessively high rates on loans by setting caps on the maximum amount of interest that can be levied.

Counsel of Islamic Development Bank

act as outside counsel firm of ISDB Group in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Advise on Murabaha transactions and Wakala, advised ISDB on L/C financing and documentary credit transactions.

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